Why Use Felix-Dye Group

The Felix-Dye Group has the professional experience and the local knowledge that buyers can count on to navigate difficulties of today’s real estate market.  Making a solid choice of a realtor is extremely important. We recommend that you choose your realtor the same way you would choose any other trusted professional.  After all, your home is likely to be one of your largest financial investments you’ll make in your lifetime!

Ask a friends for a referrals.  As always, this is the BEST way to start the process of finding the right realtor for you! But don’t stop there.

Evaluate background and experience.  Look for agents who have experience working with buyers in the area  you’re interested in, then make sure they have successfully closed a number of transactions within that same area. Finding the right home is just half the process; make sure you select a realtor who knows how to write a contract that will protect your interests, is experienced in helping buyers negotiate the best price, and has a track record of excellent service.

Your Realtor MUST know the communities or areas you’re interested in.  Having the local knowledge is key to ensuring you clients interests have been met, so that the new home and community fit their lifestyle.

Communication is important.  Make sure you feel comfortable that the realtor you have chosen listens to your needs and desires; this will make the house hunting process much easier.  And once you find the right home, the closing process will go much more smoothly if your realtor communicates well and keeps you, and the other parties to the transaction, in the loop.

If you looking for Knowledgeable and Professional Realtors? Give the Felix – Dye Group the opportunity of helping you each step of the way whether buying a new home, or looking to sell your existing home. We will be delighted to send you our buyer questionnaire, or to discuss your needs and dreams in person or by phone.

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